Friday, 6 October 2017

8 Top Tips for Improving your Home

If you’ve been thinking about changing the way your living room or bedroom looks at home, you might be considering how you can do this. Whether you think your bedroom is too cold, you are sick of the old furniture you have or you aren’t happy with the mattress you are sleeping on, we present you with our top 8 techniques for enhancing your home in unusual and inventive ways.

1. Opt for an alternative heating system

Radiators are just there, usually in every room, and quite often taking up your beloved space that could be used in other ways. When you move into a new home you will generally have to position your furniture around the radiators of the house. They are there, as they always have been, and it doesn’t cross your mind to take them out (because we all need heat, right?). But what if there was an alternative heating system that you could use to spread warmth through your home without taking up so much space? Well there is; and it comes in the shape of underfloor heating. It fits neatly beneath your flooring, providing heating for your home without the need for ugly radiators. A plumbing or heating engineer will be the right choice of tradesperson here as they will need to seamlessly install the heating below your carpets. With this type of heating, the temperature is dispersed more evenly than radiators, allowing the heat to move through the whole room, rather than just filling a pocket at one end. Your boilers won’t have to work as hard to heat your house and your home will be the tropical haven you want it to be throughout the chilly winter months.

2. Consider changing the way you store clothing and personal belongings

Clunky wardrobes and chests of drawers can consume a lot of space. Sliding wardrobes, on the other hand, provide a convenient way of storing all clothes and personal belongings in one place. Your clothes can hang neatly on railings, while other storage boxes, shoes and accessories can have their own place to live behind the sliding doors. Understandably, sliding wardrobes aren’t suitable for every home. You need to check first to see if the doors will fit, finding out if you have the space in your bedroom to introduce them. There are several quick steps you can take to find whether sliding doors can be installed in your bedroom. Sliding wardrobes can change the dynamic of a bedroom. By removing other storage solutions and utilising sliding wardrobe doors, you can free up a lot of space to decorate your bedroom in new and exciting ways.

3. Try reclaimed furniture as an alternative

For those of you that aren’t sure what reclaimed furniture is, it is furniture made strictly from recycled woods and other materials that have been rescued. Reclaimed wood can come from a number of unusual places where the timber is no longer required. Roof beams, floor boards, joists, roof trusses, railway tracks, whiskey barrels, old boats and malt kilns are just a few of the places where reclaimed wood can come from, helping companies specialising in this type of furniture to get their hands on the parts they need to build. At this point you might be wondering how reclaimed furniture will improve your bedroom. Not only is reclaimed wood great for the environment (through the recycling of natural materials), it can often be stronger and more stable. Lots of people prefer furniture made from wood that has been reclaimed because they feel it adds character and charm to their homes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could add furniture to your home that has been made from recycled materials, has a story behind it and looks amazing? Well you can, and Heyl Interiors is just one of the many great places where you can purchase such eco-friendly items.

4. Pay attention to your staircase

Staircase neglect is a real thing and homeowners need to wise up to the fact that stair parts don’t last forever. If you have lived in the same house for several decades then chances are your stair parts will look a bit worse for wear – especially households with children! Your stair spindles may be worn and your handrails will undoubtedly be scratched in one place or another. The wood will probably look a lot different in comparison to how it did when you first moved in and your newel caps might have succumbed to a range of knocks and scrapes from staircase users over the years. In short, the older your stair parts, the more likely it is that they will need replacing. Replacing your stair parts is a fantastic way to revitalise your staircase, adding a fresh new look to the hallway and landing in your home. UK Stair Parts is one of the leading choices for stair handrails, spindles and baserails, offering a wide range of oak, hemlock and chrome staircase parts to suit a diverse range of homes.

5. Invest in a more comfortable mattress

If you’ve had the same mattress for many years, it might be that you have become so used to it that you don’t want to try something new - this can be a problem though. You might not realise this, but your naïve mattress attachment might actually be holding you back from getting a better, more comfortable night’s sleep in which you wake to feel more rested and revitalised. Todays mattresses have undergone some serious development and technological changes. Memory foam is just one of the modern-day advancements that has proved to be extremely popular among people that love getting a good night’s sleep. Since then, however, mattresses have jumped even further still, with industry leaders ‘Dormeo’ taking things to the next level with their Octaspring mattresses. Octaspring mattresses are, essentially, memory foam and springs rolled into one, specifically developed to support your body better and help you get a better nights rest. So if you have found yourself searching for different ways to improve your bedroom, why not invest in a new mattress that will help you to feel better about going to bed at night and waking up in the morning… and we all know how difficult the latter can be!

6. Think about how a rug could make the flooring feel

Quite often, large bedrooms with lots of floor space can feel empty and cold. Even by making the switch from hard flooring to carpets, a large bedroom can be hard to fill. Of course, most of your furniture will be positioned around the room, next to a wall, neatly in a convenient place. But what on earth do you put in the middle of a large bedroom to fill the void and make it feel more homely? Of course, you could invest in a rodeo bull if have some serious space to work with, but for most of us not living in a mansion, a rug will certainly do the job. Whether you reside in a modern or traditional home, there are plenty of rug options out there to suit your tastes. Selectarug can help you to find the perfect rug to fill your empty floor space, improving the way your bedroom floor looks and feels.

7. Add a bit of glamour to the bedroom

There are plenty of ways you can add sparkle to your bedroom to make it a bit more glamourous. Replacing your lightshades, introducing new curtains (see below) and purchasing new bedding are just a few of the conventional ways you can add glamour to your room, without spending too much money. Introducing a new fancy mirror is another increasingly-popular, glitzy way to improve the way your bedroom looks. Hair, make-up and beauty enthusiasts have turned to Hollywood mirrors with lights to brighten up their lives and add glamour to their bedrooms. The lighting isn’t just for show though. Professional use this type of mirror to ensure even the finest details aren’t missed. If you’re happy with your current mattress or if you already have a beautiful rug, a Hollywood mirror might be exactly what your bedroom is missing. Turn to Reflections of me when you need some more glamour in your life.

8. Replace your curtains

Generally speaking, your curtains will occupy a fair amount of wall/window space throughout each room. When they are open, they will sit delicately either side of your window. Whilst they are drawn, they will protect you from the light outside, enhance your privacy and add colour to your room. Depending on the theme of your home your curtains can either make or break the mood. They can complement your windows and help you to coordinate with other soft furnishings throughout your home. They can also blend into the walls and go unnoticed for many years if left to do so. If a considerable amount of time has gone by since you last updated your curtains, why not consider a change to brighten up the room or enhance the theme you have going on? Blackout curtains are a popular choice among people that like to sleep in total darkness, while fitted blinds can help to improve your privacy without blocking out all the light completely. Dolly’s Interiors are one of the leading choices for made to measure fitted curtains, offering a range of solutions to help you find what you are looking for.

So there you have it, 8 inventive ways to improve your home and give it a new lease of life. Whether you are looking for extra heat in the winter, space saving solutions or alternative décor, we hope we have helped to point you in the right direction. If you still aren’t happy with the way your home looks, you could always move house

Thursday, 28 September 2017

5 Top Tips for Creating a Calmer Bedroom Environment

Find out how to make your bedroom a more relaxing place to be!

Bedrooms are possibly the most important rooms in the house, but they also tend to be the most chaotic. When arriving home at the end of the day, most people just want to fall into bed. I mean, who can be bothered (or has time) to clean their bedroom after a full day at work? If you’re struggling to keep a handle on all of your stuff, try installing sliding wardrobe doors! They are a lot more effective than you’d think.

1. Find a place for clutter.

The very first thing to do when trying to create a calmer bedroom environment is to establish a place for all the clutter that will inevitably pile up within your room. One of the best places to store clutter is within a sliding wardrobe, although any ordinary wardrobe or cupboard will do just fine. Having a proper storage space for your clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics will enable you to have a much cleaner bedroom, helping to create a calming environment (who likes mess? Not us!).

2. Think about changing the décor.

A change to décor can really help to create a calmer bedroom environment. If your bedroom has a lot of bright, vibrant colours, it can have an adverse effect on your sleeping habits (and eventually, your health!). Try using muted colours when you decorate your bedroom, such as blue; blue is proven to be a very calming colour, which helps as your bedroom should be the most calming room within your home.

3. Put down the gadgets and turn off the electronics.

That’s right, put them down! We know it may be hard to completely disregard your phone or tablet, but it’s the best thing to do if you’re trying to create a calmer bedroom environment. It’s so easy to flop into bed, reach for your phone and scroll through social media before you sleep. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but the light from your phone has been proven to keep you awake as it disrupts your circadian rhythm.

If you make a conscious effort to not use electronics when you’re in bed, you’ll feel the benefits almost instantly and you’ll fall asleep a lot sooner.

4. Use blackout curtains to keep street light at bay.

When it comes to having a calming bedroom, blackout curtains are key. When you’re decorating your bedroom, think about changing your curtains to blackout curtains. The light that seeps through normal curtains at night can really disrupt your sleeping patterns, which creates stress when trying to sleep. Blackout curtains are relatively inexpensive, but they are more than beneficial to your home and health.

Remember: Set an alarm if you need to be up early for work, blackout curtains can make you question what time of day it actually is!

5. Ban activities that don’t involve sleeping or winding down.

We understand that people tend to use their bedrooms for many different things; children come in to play, some use them for work and many simply watch television in bed rather than on their sofa. Well, it’s time to stop. All that activity is stressful, and you want your bedroom to be relaxing. Ban all non-sleeping activity from the room and you’ll feel much more relaxed.

Friday, 8 September 2017

We’re on 60 Minute Makeover!

The news is out! We’re going to be on 60 Minute Makeover! We have agreed to feature in a number of episodes of ITV’s hit show 60 Minute Makeover. When we were asked to do this, we were incredibly excited and of course had to say yes. Now Sliding Robes Direct are thrilled to let you all know about this great news and hope that you keep an eye out for us on your TVs very soon.

Now that we’re on 60 Minute Makeover, we feel especially proud of our company. We have worked with a number of high end clients and businesses over the years but to feature on such a television show is fantastic. From the whole of the Sliding Robes Direct team, we would like to say a special thanks to 60 Minute Makeover for choosing us and allowing us to supply our wardrobes.

60 Minute Makeover

We have supplied sliding wardrobes for two homes for 60 Minute Makeover. The first being a 2 door Shaker Sliding Wardrobe with 3 panels in Bronze Mirror and interiors. The second set was a 3 door sliding wardrobe from the Mirage range.

There has been reports and feedback from the ITV to say that the wardrobes looked stunning and the homeowner loved them! This is fantastic news for us and we’re really thrilled to hear that these wardrobes have made a difference to their homes.

Sliding Wardrobes

Below you will see the two sliding wardrobes that we have supplied for the television programme. The first is a 2 door Shaker and the second comes from our Mirage range with 3 doors.

We hope that you’re excited to see our wardrobes on TV, and if you do, be sure to take a photograph and we’ll share it on our social media! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Wardrobe Goals

We take a look at some of the biggest and most incredible dream wardrobes from top celebrities. From huge walk in wardrobes, to dedicated shoe and handbag rooms, these super star wardrobes cover anything and everything possible!

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s shoe selection is just amazing, everything is completely catalogued and colour coordinated. We imagine she probably has a team of dedicated shoe organisers! Lets also note that this is also just the ‘gold shoe selection’ and there’s still a rainbow of colours to go….

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

The British super model owns a very spacious wardrobe, which doesn’t just focus on the clothes itself, but more the décor of the room. Still, we can see why she has a sofa in her wardrobe, she’s bound to get tired after choosing what wear out of all those beautiful clothes.

Christina Aguilera

We have another shoe lover, with a full wall dedicated to a growing shoe collection. There’s shelves and shelves, with every single one full of shoes. What’s more is she also needs a ladder to get to the top of her shoe library.

Paris Hilton

The first glimpse at this wardrobe looks like it could be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for, however we assume Paris will have an assistant to help her look for an outfit. This wardrobe is full of clothes, shoes and accessories, with numerous rails and shelves and a cabinet in the middle which we imagine is for all her expensive jewels. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Can’t Afford an Interior Designer?

If like many of us, money doesn’t multiply after every second and you can’t afford an interior designer, Sliding Robes Direct have some free advice. Featured within this blog post, we are going to giveaway 7 tips on how to get an interior design finish with very little cost. If you follow each piece of advice and enrol them within your home, you will achieve a showstopping finish. Let’s begin....

1. De-clutter

Before you start your interior design process, de-clutter your room. You will also need to pick a theme or colour scheme for your room prior to designing so that everything stays in the style. Be prepared to say goodbye to some of the things in the room, but believe us it’s worth it.

2. High Street Homes

Some of the best pieces of furniture and accessories come from high street shops. Whether it’s a lampshade or cushions, your interior design is even more do-able with a high street price tag. Check out all of the best, well-known high street home stores before you begin to decorate and save, save, save!

3. Statement Piece

Have a statement piece in each of your rooms. This will give a showstopping finish to your room leaving your guests thinking ‘Just wow’. And that’s what you want, right? Go for a bold colour, unique pattern or vibrant accessory and work it within your design.

4. Choose the Right Colour

If you’re working with a small room, paint it in a softer, lighter colour as this will give the impression that the room is larger. For small rooms, avoid dark colours as it will make the room appear smaller than it already is. With larger rooms, work it to your advantage and even try out a feature wall.

5. Mirrors

No room is finished without a stunning mirror. So why not go all out with a decorative mirror to instantly add light to the room? Your mirror will make small spaces feel larger as well as adding natural light. Plus, with more natural light in the room, you will warm up the feeling of the room much easier.

For your bedroom, why not invest in a Hollywood mirror? The light bulbs can help to add sparkle and glamour, whilst making it easier for the ladies to apply make-up or do their hair in a more professional light.

6. Fake It ‘Till You Make It

If your property has low ceilings, create the illusion for higher ceilings by using low furniture. Fake the height with low furniture and this will make the room appear to be a regular size. Just because you have a low rise ceiling, doesn’t mean you can’t be on trend with interior design.

7. Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match designs and textures. If you’re working with a black and grey scheme, what’s stopping you from adding in a pastel pink? When used correctly, mix and match rooms work really well and can benefit both colours or designs. If you really want to stand out, try charity shops or second hand shops for a edgy or unique piece.

Finally, Choose a Sliding Wardrobe

With a ten year guarantee on all of our sliding wardrobes, what’s stopping you from choosing Sliding Robes Direct? Our range has been designed to suit all styles, homes and budgets. So no matter if you’re looking for a Glam Made to Measure or Classic Standard Size wardrobe, the Sliding Robes Direct team are here to help.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Perfect Fitted Wardrobes to Complement the latest Interior Design Trends

There’s no place like home and whether yours is a rented shoebox with damp stains, a 10 bedroom country house with a tennis court, garden flamingos or a penthouse suite with floor-to-ceiling windows and rooftop pool, it’s important to make your home somewhere you feel comfortable.

With this season’s key trends involving metallics, textures, natural elements and marble, its also proving popular in bedroom design. It saw people introducing marble and metallic accessories into their home to create a model feel which also provides a contrast to understated freestanding and fitted bedroom furniture.

Refreshing the trend for 2017, stark metallic items are still a key piece to this style that’s evolved, with people trying to achieve a softer ambience.

Marble style items give a contemporary and clean finish when paired with metallic pieces as well as a feminine flourish which includes natural elements like house plants.

Transform your home into a retreat with metallic items, textured materials, marble pieces and natural plants. These finishes are bound to make a bold style statement as well as the metallic reflecting the light’s brightness. Small accessories like vases and candle holders can incorporate these trends within the bedroom in more subtle fashion.

Metallics can be understated but will still give a bold and modern trend due to the industrial feel, so it’s important that your existing furniture or new furniture has a minimalistic style.

When selecting your new fitted wardrobe, choose a simple wardrobe design that incorporates contemporary and clean lines. Our Reflex and Domalti fitted wardrobes are great for this trend, the crisp white door fronts and chrome effects will provide your room with a fresh and contemporary finish as well as a understated backdrop for your new interior pieces.

For more information click here.

Friday, 21 July 2017

How to Make Your Home Stylish On a Budget

With a lot of interior design and home improvements requiring a bank loan or miracle to complete on an average financial budget, many aren’t able to keep up with the latest trends and fashions. But with Sliding Robes Direct you can. We have come up with some advice on how to make your home stylish on a budget. This will not only make sure that you’re ahead of the game with trends, but are comfortable knowing that what you’re purchasing things at a price you can afford.


Budget, what exactly is it? A budget is something that you estimate or plan to pay for something, aiming not to go over it. It can also mean that you wish to do something with little cost, or with a particular amount in mind. But how does this affect our wardrobes? Well, funnily enough Sliding Robes Direct provide a Budget wardrobe in both made to measure and standard size doors. Just because they’re titled Budget, doesn’t mean in anyway that they’re different from the rest, as all of our wardrobes come in the highest quality with a 10 years guarantee on moving parts.

Whether you’re opting for a made to measure fit or standard size, Sliding Robes Direct have you covered. From our range of wardrobes you will see that we offer a wide variety of styles to suit all homes, but more importantly their budgets. Hence why we are focusing on our Budget Wardrobe Doors that suit all price margins.

Choosing Sliding Robes Direct

Upon choosing Sliding Robes Direct, you will enjoy various benefits including: a cheaper alternative to your sliding wardrobe, quality guaranteed, and a transformed bedroom that can last for years. Before you go ahead in purchasing a wardrobe, we ask that you check out both our Made to Measure Budget Doors and our Standard Size Budget Doors. Here, you will see the points and specifications of our wardrobes and discover more on why you should choose us as your wardrobe provider. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you. You can do this by either phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.